12 Weeks and Counting

At the beginning of January I received an email confirming the receipt of my complete application. I was given an approximate timeline of 8 weeks to receive a decision, although the possibility of it taking longer was noted. In mid-January my credit card was charged for the application fee. Everything was on track.

At the beginning of March, I marked the passing of the estimated 8 weeks. Each day I anticipated receiving some type of news, mentally preparing myself for a positive or negative outcome. By week 10, my daily anticipation began to turn to agitation. But although it was taking longer than 8 weeks, they did warn me that this may be the case. And two additional weeks was certainly within reason.

At the end of week 10, I sent an email requesting an updated timeline – maybe they had forgotten about me. The response: “unfortunately, the admissions committee hasn’t made a final decision yet. We hope to inform all applicants in April/May.” Hold on a second. In spite of submitting my application early and requesting an expedited review, my application is now in the same pool as the other applicants? And they “hope” to inform all applicants? I’m going to need a bit more certainty than that.

And now, at the beginning of April, we are approaching week 12 of the tortuous timeline. And I’m nowhere near where I should be if job searching becomes necessary. And, in my subjective opinion, well outside of a reasonable 8 week window. If it’s going to be 3 to 4 months, they should say that. Numbers and time frames shouldn’t be thrown around all willy nilly like that.

The Dutch and I are already fighting. This is no way to start a new relationship. That’s for sure.

On a brighter note, it’s a beautiful day today and I don’t have to work. I plan to enjoy some sunshine and put all things related to worry out of my mind for the weekend. The counting of days will resume on Monday.

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