Savings: Status Check

I figured a check-in on the savings account would make sense in light of my recent financial victimization. And fortunately, although my savings plan was disrespected and disregarded for much of the past few months, somehow I have managed to pull together a few dollars to inch up the bar on the grand total. With surgeries, moving expenses, cruel scams, and the desire to eat in restaurants competing against me, saving money certainly hasn’t been easy.

My preferred strategy has been to account for all of my expected expenses, then dump anything remaining from my paycheck into my savings account. A couple of times this has backfired.  Then I have a biweekly automatic deposit into savings. There’s also my bank’s “keep the change” feature, which rounds all of my debit card purchases up to the nearest dollar and adds that change to my savings. It’s not much. But every little bit helps.

Another piece of good news is I’m caught up on most of my expenses. So any money coming in right now goes to moving expenses and savings. I always expect a few surprises that will cost me money. But perhaps I actually have a chance to get at least halfway to my original goal.

Here’s the latest.

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