…gone till November

After a nine-hour flight, I arrived in Suriname on Monday night.  Stepping off the plane, everything felt almost surreal.  The air’s thick warmth was a stark contrast to the chilly damp I left behind in the Netherlands.  And I could count the white people in my sight with two fingers.  Clearly I had come a long way.  But the sleepy plane-haze made it difficult to remember how I got here.  I definitely did some packing, cleaning, and coordinating.  But perhaps dancing in an all too familiar routine, it was almost as if my eyes were closed.

But now, with my laptop, suitcase, and a list of new contacts in tow, I’m pretty sure I have everything I need to make my time here worthwhile – and memorable.  And with the forgetful parts of the journey behind me, I can already see the magic in what remains.

So I have traded in my adopted home in Amsterdam for a foster home in Paramaribo – the capital (and only major) city of Suriname – for the next two months, that is.  And I promise to share the details along the way.

(Thanks TH ;))

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