The opposite of dormant

I’ve been working on my online life, improving and monitoring my use of the sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With a budding business, I’m finally starting to take all the social media advice seriously (apparently the craze has some staying power). And since all of these sites have the power to be linked and synced – to a creepy, “I’ll Be Watching You” degree, it made sense to toss my personal accounts into the revamped and monitored mix.

After signing up for one of the social media usage/measurement programs, most of sites reported decent effort, as if they said, “We see you’re trying. And we appreciate the effort.” But my dear, sweet blog – the one that’s been with me longer than most – sat at the end of the report: “Dormant.”


“Not true,” I thought. In fact, I think about the blog almost everyday. So it’s not dormant. I’ve thought about posts to describe my new neighborhood in the Hague, my regular commute to Amsterdam for social interaction, and my ongoing navigation of Dutch government offices. That’s certainly not dormant – those were some great thoughts. I also pondered some tougher topics, such as questioning if I would ever abandon my U.S. citizenship, which led to a  lively (thought-provoking) debate. Then there have been the ongoing topics of learning the language, intellectualizing the dating scene, and finding the nearest Ikea. I’m telling you – this blog has been anything but dormant.

Sadly, my thoughts don’t always turn into written words. And it took seeing that word – “Dormant” – to snap me out of my complacent silence. So I’m plugging back in to turn it around.

As a start, Black Girl Gone (the blog) is trying on a new look. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The opposite of dormant

  1. New blog format is really nice! Can’t wait to see more post. I’ve followed your blog for a little while and it convinced me to want to movie to Amsterdam. I even bought a little book on how to speak the basics of Dutch. I still don’t know if I want to go to Amsterdam, but I seriously want to live somewhere out of the U.S when I’m older. This blog is really inspirational to me, especially as a young woman of color, because living and working abroad is something I really want to do.


    • You just made my day! Thank you for following and sharing your inspiration. Here’s hoping you find your future home before you’re too much older – whether it’s in the Netherlands or wherever else.


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