Here’s a topic I’ve been avoiding.

prince gun mic

This was the poster on my bedroom wall for most of my childhood

If you know me, or even if you just know the earlier version of this blog, you know I’m all about Prince. Since the earliest of my days, I’ve been moved by Prince’s funk. Long before I knew what he was talking about, I was choreographing song-specific dances in my bedroom for an audience of none. Before I started choosing my own controversies, I lived for all of his.

Oh, Prince.


Our last date was in Rotterdam. July 2011.

I’ve tried writing something about his death multiple times since April 21, 2016, including April 21, 2017. I stop myself every time.

Folks have sung, written, reminisced and cried way better than I ever could have. If I talk about the tremendous impact he had on me as an opinionated and shy outsider, or the bizarre events of that April day before I knew he died, or my grossly inadequate grieving process (kind of touching on that now, I guess), it could never be enough. Nah, my grief wasn’t even worth the digital ink.

Prince tributes

These are the special editions Mom saved for me

That’s nonsense, obviously. Digital ink is basically free. And whether it’s shared or mine alone, my grief deserves mentioning. So I’m just gonna put this right here.

Because this is about Prince.


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